The region

Altury belongs to the Municipality of Turis, in Valencia. Turis is well known for the vineyards and rural landscapes. In fact, some of the most appreciated wines of Valencia are made in Turis, where a particular type of grape called "Moscatell" is cultivated. This grape is specially sweet and can be either served as a desert or used to make the most valuable wines and liquors of Valencia.

Municipality of Turis

Food is another particularity of this Mediterranean region. Valencia is the cradle of rice dishes: paella is probably the most popular dish of Spain but if you like rice and Mediterranean food then you will discover here some of the best culinary treasures of Spain.

Barón de Turís winery

Turis and Valencia celebrate one of the most popular festivities in Spain: the Falles. The Falles happen every year in March. Huge temporary monuments, splendid fireworks and music mix together in a unique festivity, well known all around the world. If you live in Altury, you will love visiting Valencia during the Falles without having to live in the city. Sleeping in Valencia becomes in fact quite complicated in those days.

Falles 2015

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