Altury and the plot

Alicia and I (Daniel) purchased this plot in 2006. We wanted to build there our very special house where to look after our children and enjoy the natural surroundings. We love Valencia, our birthplace, but we wanted to live somewhere between the city and the mountains in order to get the best from both places.

Altury is the perfect place to live. It is a private residential area with supermarket, sports complex and security. It is located in the middle of the most beautiful rural area in Valencia but is still very close to Valencia City (35 Km). Other bigger towns such as Turis, Dos Aguas and Montroy are even some minutes by car so you can do the shoppings there or go to Valencia and walk along the big commercial squares.

Valencia has the most beautiful beaches in Spain so if you like diving into crystalline sea waters and take sun bathes regularly then this is the place to live. Altury is simply the best compromise between natural environment, healthy life, beach and city.

Unfortunately, we had to leave this project. We moved to another city in Spain so we have decided to sell our plot in Altury. We sincerely hope that another family will be able to turn their own projects into reality in this wonderful place.

The plot is 980 m2, more than sufficient space to build a beautiful house with swimming pool and garden. It is oriented to the South so your house will be able to collect heat and power from sunrise to sunset. The plot is inclined on the South face providing the house a full exposure to the Sun whilst the North face (access from the street) is protected by the ground.

Another nice feature of this plot is that the other side of the street is taken up by the field. No other house can be built in front of you! If you are looking for calm, sun and fresh air then this is your place.

And finally the best feature of this plot: its price. We are selling it for only 75.000 EUR. 980 m2 in a privileged place for only 75.000 euros!

And finally some more pictures...

The plot:


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